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DJs / VJs / WJs

Following the steps of DJ’s and VJ’s, WJ’ s (weejays, webjays, webjockeys ...) directly draw their sources from the Web and mix the network flow in real time. The WJs/essions are organized indoors or outdoors, in a public space, in front of an audience.

Taking out the network from the web

In less than 20 years the World Wide Web, a space of converging multimedia praxis, has become a vast experimentation and exploration ground with countless artistic ramifications. As it is often related to a solitary adventure led in a very intimate relationship with one’s machine, the virtual experience is seldom extended to another dimension of time-space. Projects involving network actors only take place in closed circles, within the network, and hardly ever outside, within a live performance environment. The idea of the WJ’s project is to disrupt this tendency by offering a strong, captivating, sensual and slightly altered cybernetic surf where the feeling of being immerged in the flow and the extreme pleasure of browsing are shifted to a live performance environment. Individual and collaborative online productions (in different geographical sites) become collective events (to which an audience is invited). In this way, Wjs become flux stalkers and offer things to see, hear, feel, observe and think about, through a progressive and dynamic process. Guided by their critical spirit and their own personal outlook, they reveal the fragrance of the Web, defragment and confront worlds that make the invisible become visible.

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