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>>>> WJ-Sets

Practices, formats and protocols

The themes of the performances revolve around transmission, communication, dialogue, sharing, open and wide distribution, personal experience, experiments, history, processes and issues of the network.

The multiscreens projection system is a reduced model of the internet, a metaphor of its codes and of the way information flows and appears on the network.

The WJ-s productions can take many forms : mixes, demonstrations, project presentations, performances… or all these at the same time. The WJ (webjays, webjockeys, weejays) draws inspiration from processes and original actions that are related specifically to the network’s activity. The performances can also fuse with choreographic or vocal interventions, but also with proteiform practices, unidentified and unexpected oddities of all sorts...

>>>> Patricia Maincent
>>>> Isabelle Arvers
>>>> mia makela / solu
>>>> Jérôme Joy
>>>> Marika Dermineur
>>>> Olga Kisseleva
>>>> Jean-Baptiste Bayle
>>>> Krn
>>>> Sylvie Astié
>>>> Myrtilles / Lucille calmel
>>>> Anne Laforet
>>>> Agnès de Cayeux