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network scenography

An untypical journey

The WJ_s/et can be an editorial or didactic action, the WJ plays with his bookmarks and presents projects that highlight artistic research, trends and tendencies… (software art, computer art, code art, ASCII art, flash art, google art, generative art, interactive, collaborative art...) As in any curating project, it is the themes themselves, but also the juxtapositions, the relevance of choices, the critical positions, the theoretical analyses or the historical perspectives, that highlight aesthetic techniques, processes and innovations in a specific way... Wjs cast a unique outlook on the variety and the heterogeneity of the fields, the practices, the codes, the philosophical trends... WJ-S/et becomes an archive artwork made of an exacting choice of works from the realm of webart, netart, art of the internet, art on line, cyberart...

Focus on an artistic world

The WJ is an active artist who creates for and with the network, his performance puts forward his thoughts and idiosyncracies. The WJ-s/et makes it possible to discover an author’s personal world.

A production of productions

The WJ is a musician, a DJ, a VJ or an explorer of the network who canibalizes content that is collected on netlabels, netradios, netzines, webblogs, vogs, mailling lists, mail servors, ringtone websites and on all sorts of platforms or within his or her own productions. He or she deconstructs this content and makes it his or her own by rearranging it differently to generate alternative narratives that are not necessarily linear. The result bears the personal hallmark of the performer, it is a unique and original creation which diverts the initial purpose of the messages to make them say something else. WJ-S/set becomes a work in progress in line with the culture of remix, of recycling, of diversions, of daring associations, of hybrids and of the synchronization of visual and sound resources.

A network performance

Wjs are a collective or a virtual community of actors who meet on the network to create together in real time. The resulting action or collaborative work (performances, concerts.) uses and diverts webcam networks, videoconference and multi-user interface systems... WJ-s/set becomes an act of telepresence in which the word “sharing” and “exchanging” bear their full meaning : Possibilities for variations are multiple and infinite ; with the Wj-s project nothing is preset, nor predetermined, anything can be imagined.

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