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Monkey Town / New York
>>>> WJ-Sessions

MONKEY TOWN / NEW YORK 58 N 3rd St Thursday, May 14 Admission : $5 Showtime : 10:30pm

WJ-S is a software and a flexible public device for web performances allowing WJ-S (webjays, artists, web addicts and web mutants) to play live with text, sound and visual content available on line. WJs take the control of a multiscreens environment and surf at distance in different browser windows simultaneously. WJ-S is a visible and collective experience of the surf. WJS is an immersive experience in the flux.

WJS : Isabelle Arvers

Monkey Town was conceived and founded in May 2003 by Montgomery Knott, with Meghan Czerwinski, Josh Cross, and Coleman Lee Foster. We were also assisted regularly by Ryan Sawyer, Meredith Drum, Larry Weissman, Gil Moreno, Andy Barrett, Robert McNeill, Theo Angell, and dozens of other cooks, waitstaff, carpenters, and electricians.

And a big shout to the two architects who gave us the bones and the DNA (and the blueprints) to build our new location — Christina Hansen and Jake LaChapelle.

Our first location was at 222 Leonard St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. From May 2003 until Winter 2004, we operated as a seasonal dining and video performance space.

Our present location at 58 N 3rd St adds a Front Dining Room and Bar, while our back dining room maintains our original configuration :
- 4 screens
- communal seating
- 6.1 surround sound
- intimate capacity : 50

We have created a permanent space that privileges video art, short films, feature-length films and documentaries, outside traditional galleries, movie theaters, museums, or clubs. We also host live music, dance and other original performance. We will commission surround sound installations and continue our ’Bathroom Sound Series’.

We serve experimental cuisine and classic dishes from a country that doesn’t exist. Every cuisine and every ingredient are in play. The laboratory is open.

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